Since 1964, Family Taleblou has been making a name for himself in Germany and now enjoys the trust of trade organisations and large retailers.

Taleblou is a founding member and member of the board of the Association of Iranian Importers of Carpets (V.I.T.).Taleblou has for a long time been a member of "European Carpet Importers Assocation" (EUCA).

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Visits to Persia

Aran Carpet travel to Persia between five and six times per year for a directly shoppingtour with customers.

With the help of a supplier, Ali Akbar Taleblou, who is based in Persia, all of Iran's important carpet-making regions and centres are visited. This means that all carpets are bought directly from the manufacturer.

The Aran Carpet Company can offer such a journey to its clients, by mutual negotiation. Clients can either decide for themselves which centres are to be visited, or we will plan the tour for them.

The advantages of such a trip are, amongst others, the huge range of carpets to choose from, and the opportunity to buy any carpet at the special direct import price.

The arrival and departure point is currently the capital city ofTehran. The stay in Teheran will be in our own house. Currently, tours to the carpet centres can also be combined with visits to tourist sites (the Persepolis in Shiraz, Teheran's Carpet Museum, the old mosques in Isfahan, etc).